Getting Your Limos Noticed



Let’s be real here. We are all in it to win it. If you are not in first place, then you are most definitely in the last. When it comes to business, the same rules of nature apply. If you are in the limo business, it’s all about getting people to buy or book YOUR limos.

Okay, I understand that is a little Captain Obvious, but still. Your hustle has to be on point. The question still remains: how do you get your limos noticed?

Turning Heads

Attract the eyes

One of the best ways to make sure that people are paying attention to your limousines is getting some ads out into your community. To do this, you first need to determine how large you want your marketing base to be. Once you have figured that out, there are multiple ways to get your ads into the world.

For one, you can make online advertisements. If you choose, you can advertise through social media. This allows a wide range of people in your area to see that you have limos. However, this can be expensive.

Another method for online advertisement is to set up a website. If you do this, you will make sure that you show up on a search engine. You can definitely useĀ Ippei Leads: best SEO to make sure that you show up when people search for limousines in your area. In this way, you will be sure to be one of the best results for anyone who is looking to book limousines.

New limousine company with great gusto

I wanted to report about another limousine company I’m reviewing this one is locating in Novi, Michigan and its a pretty new company it looks like with various awesome fleets.

You see I appreciate a company that puts effort into gathering great fleets for their clients. Just take a look at some of his vehicles.


Ahhh… the beautiful Audi Q7, you know this vehicle is so slick and so beautiful that I’d want to lick the interiors right off its design. It’s such a refreshing look man is it a beauty. Its so sexy that you want to make love to it haha. no seriously just look at this thing. love the idea of turning an Audi into a stretch limo. Its all black exterior is nothing short of miraculous and ever car owner out there should take a close look at this, simply unbelievable.


The great stretch Lincoln, incredible simply but smooth and very fit for corporate event. Love simply old fashion looking limos like this and the interior is very sleek with all leather seating, something you’d definately want when taking out a limo for corporate. You will be able to relax and lounge in the great interior of this vehicle and you will feel completely energized through out. For what its worth this vehicle is one of the classiest limo I believe and this company has great taste.


The Navigator stretch behind an awesome back drop of gray sky and gray city, sort of looks like Detroit in a way. This limousine is HUGE, and it can house up to 20 people and there is plenty of room to party inside. That is one great thing about a navigator is its incredible size and this limousine packs serious style points too just look at the interior below.


I must say it is quite impressive looking, and you will be looking extra fly inside with all the drinks and liquor and women the glass ceiling is huge styling points. You will forever be inside having the time of your life.

So this company is pretty fantastic, even though they are new they have bunch of new fleet which is so promising to see in Novi. Next time I’m in the area I will definitely be using their service.

There is not that much other things to do in Novi besides bowling or going to the local pub and getting some fish and chips which I know a great place by the way. But besides that yea there is not that much things to do.

Limousine are great because all you have to do is just get in one and take off. And let the night take you down memory lane. You will not regret it.


The ideal limo company


Today I want to talk about the ideal limousine company. did you know limousine company can actually serve clients at their location? that really really shocks you. What makes a limo great is that they smells good and runs smooth. Their owners are friendly and the driver is a friendly and every staff seems excited to serve you out of the competition and an inch they are the number one clearly and is seen in the reviews the fleet and everything else he was cool.

About a limo company is that they don’t have to own a store they serve clients at their location no way this is kind of a blessing in disguise because you can pay ambassador limo company and not know it until the day of the event the best way is to do diligent research and try your best to figure out. Who is the best metal company in your area ask friends and family for a good reputable limousine company ask their friends and family for a good event limo company somebody is bound to know a very good limo company. I mean people are getting married all the time having baby all kinds of things when will the reviews for I 5 going to casino going to Detroit.

go ahead I ain’t goin to no bike club the next time you need a limo company take my advice and do a little research because not a lot of them and truthful out there every once in a while you will get a limo company instead because they make money not serve the people kind of limo company ask an expert expert such as myself they give you the best of paint in on it. What makes a limo experience great 924 people it’s no to get in really late and I’m getting pretty tired sleepy what I want to continue to focus on as little Company and for this seems to be an area where I can focus on and get results limo companies out there don’t get lazy on your job.

show continue growth and continue to try to expand into them I’m here to help you but I can’t help you if you’re not going to help yourself enough about that it’s getting back to health unlimited time remove the remaining time you can go to a cloud with all your friends by your pregame and afterparty inside of them all how I deal with that I love the fact that Lin will give us to show acceptance towards party he rented a limo and your sort of obligated to party and drink it was a phase where I went through that.

Another review of Limo Company, Why most liousine companies fail


I’m here to do another review of Ann Arbor limo company that I was fortunate enough to use the other day. They had some wonderful staff and excellent service that blew me away. First they were dressed really nice in full suits which I appreciate.

And second they actually answer there phone call!!!

You wouldn’t understand how many business owners out there just refuse to take phone calls and they just sit there not doing anything all day till a business literally falls on their lap. If that’s how they approach business you can be sure that how they approach other matters is equally twisted in my opinion.

But Let me get back to the issue at hand. Before my head burns up like my car did.

This company from Ann Arbor, MI was awesome because they were courteous, kind, and thoughtful. It really is everything you could ask for and their fleet was amazing as well. I just want to quickly go over…

Top 10 reasons why Limo Companies fail

  1. They fail to keep their limos up to date
  2. They are really bad at answering calls
  3. They do not call back the missed calls
  4. They don’t have time to expand let alone keep up with the latest vehicles coming out
  5. They are not licensed
  6. They are treating it as a hobby rather than a business
  7. They don’t offer anything different from their competition
  8. Their competing with companies that out do their service while offering cheaper rates
  9. They are not passionate about limousines
  10. They want businesses to come to them instead of going out there and taking it

With the current state of economic affair it is understandable that most limo owners don’t want to go out of their way to invest in new vehicles let alone new staff to improve their service but how do you ever expect to get to the next level in business without hiring some serious help to do some major work to get better in areas where you are not an expert at such as customer service. Like making a legit website, I think this company had the best site in Ann Arbor Hands down.

If you are so bad at it, why not hire a fresh college grad to do some work for you. If you’re still not convinced, why not do some other things that get you to the top without spending a fortune like following up with your customers and making sure their needs are met.

In the limousine business, I don’t think you’re allowed to slack off too much or this kind of market will swallow your business whole and now you are left fighting for pennies competing with companies that are start up owned by owners that are more aggressive then you so you are left scratching your head, did I really make the right moves last winter or summer when business was slow I decided to contract instead of expand. When the market is slow that is everyone’s go to is to go in the defensive.

It really reminds me of this video

But what I like to propose to business owners is that when market is shrinking why not expand out into the marketplace and take over. Only 1 person can hold the crown will it be you? or will you sit in the side lines begging for change money. I have to tell you something…

I’m done waiting in this game for the side change I want to go out there and compete with the big guys. I am committed to my success and I am in it to win it. So lets cheeers and toast to that jack this is way more than I bargained for but I come to do what is neccessarry in order to succeed and I want all limousine owners to begin thinking in to the same manner, in an aggressive I am going to go get it type attidue. Because at the end of the day the mentaility of the business owner transfers to everyone on the team.
if what I’m doing is passionless and meaningless and I’m just doing it for the monthly check everyday then I’m not excited. I don’t any new trinkets then I’m going to be stuck like everyone else.

Well that’s def not for me I want to keep expanding and review in hindsight. With all these things in mind I really appreciate my recent running with the limo owner from Ann Arbor, he seemed like a real straight up dude and he was honest with me which I loved. I will continue to change the world of local businesses and I emplore you to do the same. Get a mission in life, get a purpose, DREAM BIG, and GET AFTER IT.

Tenscomplement signing out.


Thinking abou the future…


Hey its Evan again, want to make a post on recent ventures in Lansing as well as other places around Michigan. First of all let me just say this year’s Christmas has been pretty well un-Christmas like. There has been absolutely no snow and I didn’t even watch the Christmas Story that I so love to watch every year. What a shame.

But why so non holiday spirit you may ask? well I have been busy planning for my future. I will be graduating from State soon and its time that I learn about the real world and begin figuring out what the hell I am going to do.

How am I going to pay the student debt?

I feel like the world is a slave system and we’re set up to be enslaved by the financial institutions by debt creation but I digress.

I’ve been speaking with few of my friends about their future after college and a lot of them plan on leaving Michigan all together and moving somewhere warm like Arizona, Florida, California ahhhh that would be nice, just the thought of it is fun to fantasize but I feel like it’s a long road still from here. First I need to raise enough capital to be able to make such a big move then I would need to find a good job there because I have debt to begin paying off right away.

I have not looked up how much it will cost me but give or take it will be like $400 extra a month. Of course, on top of that there will be rent and other expenses that will come each month which my new career will have to support. Like I say, its not going to be easy!!

And I work in a restaurant right now and lately the tips suck so raising the capital to pay for plane ticket to do job interview is tough. This is why I am thinking about trying to find a job wherever I can that is easiest such as some in Michigan I am looking into. The key for me is to be able to self-sustain my living while in the near future sniping out new opportunities for me.

What about the online biz, well I’ve tried different MLM stuff and they all do not work for the majority of people, as I am quickly finding out the pyramid nature of it all.

In the last article I talked about a limo company in Lansing and honestly my friends and I began talking about starting our own business like a limo biz, which might be cool because we both like the hospitality businesses and think owning a limo company will be pretty cool. But is there great demand for it up at MSU?

we know a lot of the college students are on budget and they may just get a party bus not a limo. so we may have to target different cities

you know it may definitely be something we will be looking into in the near future and I think we may begin trying different limo companies to see how other people operate it.

If we save up enough money to buy a limo then we can start this business and I think it will be pretty slick.


The party don’t stop when your in East Lansing! Car burns up but getting some!

photo 5

Here is my ride, pretty beat up eh?

Last year for Halloween my car blew up literally. We were on high way 96 coming east on to Lansing, hit a mettle pipe on the ground, the car spun around hit the nearest post and the engine caught on fire.

It was ridiculous. that it was halloween and I was already late for my party.

But this night was about to turn into a ridiculous awesome night with parties inside a Lansing limousine!

What the hell was I gonna do. Next thing you know I have my friend calling me up asking me where I am, and I’m freaking lost still 15 min before my towing company arrives.

Luckily it came in 5 min instead of the usual 30 min, managed to get the car off the road and back to the pound. it was bye bye to that car, I was glad I didn’t get hurt or cause any damage to other vehicle or people.

So the towing company helped me to get back to the house on Baily St. in East Lansing, where my friend was living. I went there told him what had happened and he was stunned.

Only one way to cure this shitty night he said. We were off to the halloween stores, selecting a costume for myself. It was nearing 9 pm and the party begins at 10 pm.

We had to hurry. I went to the back of the store and managed to snag a zombie costume. We hurried back to the house on Bailey and changed. On the way home we of course bought a 5th of Jack Daniels for good luck and good measure.

It was now pregamming on the way to the party at chandler’s crossing some apartment complex in the boondocks, like 25 min away from us. But we pre-gamed in the parking lot and now we were off to the races. Dressed up in spooky costumes we were about to make headway.

The best party to crash we thought now it was our turn.

Then one of the lady appeared that I met in class out of seemingly nowhere. She was dressed in some garnments which was first hard to make out. It was mix of alladin and picky snooki type of look. Her face wasn’t too bad actually but the costume was terrible.

We begin chatting as we approached the party, apparently she was headed to the same place. Now it was only then and there we had decided to take one more shot of Jack.

We were now feeling great and I had forgotten about the car incident earlier, seemingly like magic. It was magical powers of the booze and intoxicating atmosphere of college party scene. I was all for it.

Bob came out of the kitchen to greet us with the festive drinks. yep you guessed it. Jungle juice and this was made for no kiddies but for grown folks. it was basically very strong and I saw many kids simply parked next to this thing trying to wipe away their consciousness into darkness. We were now entering college black out district and the night was turning quite halloween.

THe girl I meant earlier in the night was leaving to another party and asked me to join her. I said sure why not as the party was starting to die down a bit. The crazy thing was she came with groups of friends in this crazy limousine rented from Lansing.

Now next thing you know I’m in a back of a limo with bunch of girls whom I’ve never met going to a another party. What the hell was going on I thought. But instead of fighting the experience I just allowed it. The girls were cute and it was 10 min into the ride, I noticed that my friend was no longer with me. He was still back at the previous party while I dragged away.

I thought of texting him but my phone was too far out of the reach… well it was in my pocket but by then I was pretty intoxicated and I had lost all sense of responsibility and good will for anyone but this girl I was talking to.

The limo took us on a ride for what seemed like hours next thing you know we were parked outside of what appeared to be a barn like bar. People started getting out of the ride and I was getting dragged to this bar which I’ve never been to. it read “whiskey barrel” oh great I thought, the whiskey that I am all too familiar with.

I entered the joined smelling like booze and perfumes. The girls were rushing to the dance floor but I was not really feeling it, I decided to go to the bar to get another drink. This time a bit stronger as now I was in foreign territory and did not feel like putting in the effort to socialize instead just get wasted!

so I did against my best conscious. somehow I still remember up until this point. but the KO came when the bar tender poured me a shot at the time what appeared to be quite harmless.

I took this shot like a man I am and that is the last of the night. Next thing I know I’m back in the ride, the girl is kissing me and I am kissing her.

Not sure how I regained consciousness at this point but it looks like a night that was quite shit with my car blowing up was turning back around. Somebody unseen was on my side again.

This is why I love this city and I love college I thought. I won’t go into details but the night was legendary and I did my business… twice.

Next morning I walked around campus like a champion and came home to my roommate hung over and asking me where the hell I went last night. To which I replied by saying, getting it inside a freaking limousine lol. It was pretty rad experience I tell ya.