Thinking abou the future…


Hey its Evan again, want to make a post on recent ventures in Lansing as well as other places around Michigan. First of all let me just say this year’s Christmas has been pretty well un-Christmas like. There has been absolutely no snow and I didn’t even watch the Christmas Story that I so love to watch every year. What a shame.

But why so non holiday spirit you may ask? well I have been busy planning for my future. I will be graduating from State soon and its time that I learn about the real world and begin figuring out what the hell I am going to do.

How am I going to pay the student debt?

I feel like the world is a slave system and we’re set up to be enslaved by the financial institutions by debt creation but I digress.

I’ve been speaking with few of my friends about their future after college and a lot of them plan on leaving Michigan all together and moving somewhere warm like Arizona, Florida, California ahhhh that would be nice, just the thought of it is fun to fantasize but I feel like it’s a long road still from here. First I need to raise enough capital to be able to make such a big move then I would need to find a good job there because I have debt to begin paying off right away.

I have not looked up how much it will cost me but give or take it will be like $400 extra a month. Of course, on top of that there will be rent and other expenses that will come each month which my new career will have to support. Like I say, its not going to be easy!!

And I work in a restaurant right now and lately the tips suck so raising the capital to pay for plane ticket to do job interview is tough. This is why I am thinking about trying to find a job wherever I can that is easiest such as some in Michigan I am looking into. The key for me is to be able to self-sustain my living while in the near future sniping out new opportunities for me.

What about the online biz, well I’ve tried different MLM stuff and they all do not work for the majority of people, as I am quickly finding out the pyramid nature of it all.

In the last article I talked about a limo company in Lansing and honestly my friends and I began talking about starting our own business like a limo biz, which might be cool because we both like the hospitality businesses and think owning a limo company will be pretty cool. But is there great demand for it up at MSU?

we know a lot of the college students are on budget and they may just get a party bus not a limo. so we may have to target different cities

you know it may definitely be something we will be looking into in the near future and I think we may begin trying different limo companies to see how other people operate it.

If we save up enough money to buy a limo then we can start this business and I think it will be pretty slick.


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